Ceiling fans, Padestal fans, Brackets fans, Exhaust fans & Loury fan.


Switches and Wiring accessories etc


Magnetic contactors, Over load Relays, Timers, Motor protectors, Circuit breakers, Push buttons, Indication lights, Timers& auxiliary contactors etc,


Direct on line starters, Automatic stardelta starters & Circuit breakers.


air circuit breakers miniature, molded case circuit breakers, Magnetic contactors, starters, Push button, Relays, Timers & Thermal overload relays etc,


Proximity switches, Photo electric switches, all type of limit & micro switches.


Power factors controls relays with and without Digital meters


All sort of LT. HT  Cables. Pak cables, Pioneer cables & H.M. Cables.


Power factor improvement capacitors and Plants.


Power factors improvement capacitors and Plants.


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